Changes to the Term Edit Page in WordPress 4.5

Up until recently, the term list table and the term edit form in the admin shared the same page: wp-admin/edit-tags.php. This is inconsistent compared to how the post list table and the editor are split up between wp-admin/edit.php and wp-admin/post.php.

As was reported in #34988, this inconsistency led to some problems when screen options belonging to the list table were shown on the term edit page. This was changed in [36308] by introducing wp-admin/term.php 💪🏽.

What this means for developers

First of all, you’ll notice that the links to edit a single term now look like (previously: That’s not a big deal actually, but it leads to some changes under the hood:

If you’re specifically targeting the term edit form in your plugin, $pagenow changes from edit-tags.php to term.php. The screen base (returned by get_current_screen()) changes from edit-tags to term as well. That’s it 🙂

What to look for

If you want to specifically enqueue scripts and styles on the term edit page, you should hook to load-term.php instead of load-edit-tags.php. That way you won’t unnecessarily load assets on the wrong screen.

Besides that, everything stays the same 😇. If you do however find any quirks related to this change, do not hesitate to leave a comment on this post or the relevant ticket: #34988

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