Week in Core, Feb. 9-16 2016

Welcome back the latest issue of Week in Core, covering changes [36505-36540]. Here are the highlights:

  • 35 commits
  • 37 contributors
  • 67 tickets created
  • 3 tickets reopened
  • 52 tickets closed

Ticket numbers based on trac timeline for the period above.

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Code Changes


  • Reduce the WordPress shades of grey, first part. [36537] #35783
  • Improve the color contrast ratio for the TinyMCE button icons. Also, tries to use the new grays from the Design Handbook wherever applicable. [36528] #35604

Build/Test Tools

  • Make sure fixtures have empty post_content in search test. Introduced in [36278]. [36520] #3102
  • Improve Automated Feed Tests [36519] #35160
  • Unit test for wp_get_comment_fields_max_lengths(). This adds tests for the comment form field lengths returned by wp_get_comment_fields_max_lengths(). Replaces unit test removed in r36514. [36515] #10377


  • In the comments list table, only link rows inside the “Submitted On” column to the comment if it is publicly viewable. [36521] #35279
  • Change wp_get_comment_column_max_length() function to wp_get_comment_fields_max_lengths() for consolidation and better fallbacks. [36514] #10377
  • Set the $comment global in comment_form_title(). [36512] #35624


  • Add a user-friendly way to preview site responsiveness for desktop, tablet, and mobile. [36532] #31195
  • Ensure that nav menu items can be shift-clicked to edit in secondary instances of the same nav menu. Amends [36383]. [36523] #32681
  • Hide widgets re-order button when no re-ordering is possible. [36522] #35533
  • Reduce the spinner re-painted area to the smallest possible one. [36518] #35649


  • Introduce {$taxonomy}_term_edit_form_top action to edit-tag-form.php. This new action gives developers a place to output content at the beginning of the form element on edit-tags.php. [36526] #35252


  • Prevent is_textdomain_loaded() from returning true even if there are no translations for the domain. [36538] #21319
  • Allow larger menus to be created in the Edit Menu screen. This was attempted previously in [36506] which was reverted in [36507]. Some form fields were not being slurped into the form’s JSON representation, and it did not scale for a site with many posts. This approach [36510] #14134


  • In delete_metadata(), only invalidate cache for affected objects. [36511] #35797
  • Don’t double-unslash meta key when update_metadata() falls back on add_metadata(). [36509] #35795



  • Apply rest_post_dispatch to embedded responses. [36536] #35628
  • Allow explicit HEAD callbacks. HEAD callbacks can now be registered independently, with the GET callback still used as a fallback. [36535] #34841
  • Add routing args to rest_dispatch_request filter. This allows requests to be hijacked via the filter more easily. [36534] #35507
  • Add support for CURIEs. [36533] #34729
  • Don’t display errors during REST API requests. [36530] #34915
  • Add helper function to get server instance. This allows using rest_do_request() outside of the API itself easily. [36529]


  • Introduce publicly_queryable taxonomy argument. If not provided explicitly, the value of publicly_queryable is inherited from public. [36525] #34491
  • Bail from get_term() if a filter returns an object that is not a WP_Term. This prevents fatal errors in certain cases. [36516] #35808
  • Remove unused variable from get_terms(). Unused since [31284]. [36508] #35784


  • Use the attachment ID as the key in get_uploaded_header_images(). Prevents missing header images when an image has the same name as another header image. [36539] #31786


  • Fix removing a space before inline tags when applying formatting shortcuts. [36513] #35798


Thanks to @danielbachhuber, @adamsilverstein, @afercia, @azaozz, @boonebgorges, @celloexpressions, @Chouby, @d4z_c0nf, @danielbachhuber, @DrewAPicture, @ericlewis, @Fab1en, @flixos90, @folletto, @jdgrimes, @joehoyle, @joelerr, @jorbin, @jrf, @michaelarestad, @nacin, @neoxx, @ocean90, @rabmalin, @rachelbaker, @rahalaboulfeth, @rmccue, @rockwell15, @sirbrillig, @stevenkword, @swissspidy, @TimothyBlynJacobs, @tmuikku, @valendesigns, @welcher, @westonruter, and @WisdmLabs for their contributions!

#4-5, #week-in-core