Core Dev chat notes for Feb 10


Schedule Notes, Status Updates, Open Floor

Schedule Notes

  • Today is the feature plugin decision deadline: Responsive Preview and Selective Refresh will be merged.
  • Next Wednesday (Feb 17) is the deadline for merge for these, with beta scheduled for the week after, on Feb 24.
  • Reminder: once beta ships, no more enhancements can be committed, so anything that is left or close to finished needs to be shored up in the next two weeks. Enhancements mile-stoned for 4.5 need attention to make it into the release in time.
  • Any help triaging the 4.5 milestone is definitely appreciated.
  • The REST API team’s proposal is to merge the four main endpoints when they are ready, and they are not ready for 4.5. As such, no endpoints are targeted for WordPress 4.5. A summary of last week’s chat is on make/core: leave feedback there or in the #core-restapi Slack channel.

Status Updates:

  • Image Improvements: @joemcgill
    •  Cache output of `wp_upload_dir()` to improve performance (#34359) is about ready to go in after some unit test updates )
    • Making progress on Improving Imagick file sizes (#33642) and Better animated GIF handling (#28474)
    • @markoheijnen made some interesting progress on generating thumbnails of PDFs in the media library and could use some feedback if you’re interested #31050.
  • HTTPS Improvements: @johnbillion
    • Plan is enforcing HTTPS on a per-feature basis (eg. enqueued assets, post content, redirects, canonical, links).
    • HTTPS-by-default on install will be something to aim for for 4.6, but we’ll see what happens over this next week.
  • Customizer: @westonruter, @celloexpressions
    • Pushed out the new version of the Customize Partial Refresh plugin. Needs testing!
    • Introduces a framework for registering partials (refreshable regions) with complete rewrites of nav menu partial refresh and re-implementation of widget partial refresh to use the new framework.
    • Going to write a Make Core post about it, documenting the API.
    • Biggest question is whether widgets should opt-in for selective refresh by default. Widgets that use JavaScript for their display will need get updated to work with selective refresh.
    • Responsive Preview (#31995) @valendesigns:  need to add unit tests and address any remaining issues
  • Multisite/WP_Site: @jeremyfelt
    • 15 tickets on the 4.5 milestone. Hoping to establish readiness for these over the next week and get some stuff in.
    • Going to start focusing more multisite related energy toward the REST API’s site (and meta) endpoints.
  • Editor: @azaozz, @iseulde
    • No updates this week: planning to get paste shortcuts in and work on mce views.

Open Floor

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