Core Dev chat notes for Feb 3


  • @danielbachhuber announced a WP REST API meeting, happening tomorrow in #core-restapi on Slack: Thursday, February 4, 2016, 11:00 PM GMT. Full details are posted on the make/core blog.
  • A reminder that the feature plugin decision deadline is coming up next week, Feb 10th.
  • For the “Field Guide” posts, @jorbin proposed organizing around “focuses” and called on any feature plugins that get merged to make a post highlighting the following: anything with potential to break backwards compatibility along with significant new classes, functions, and hooks that you expect plugin, theme, and site developers to use. The goal is to have everything published before beta2.

Feature Plugin Updates

  • Customizer Device Preview: @celloexpressions
    • Very close. Has UI/UX approval, a11y approval.
    • Waiting for fixes after dev review and security audit.
    • Consensus is that, pending the above, it is approved to merge in 4.5.
    • See #31195 and the related make post.
  • Application Passwords: @georgestephanis
    • Application passwords got split off from two factor auth, so we’re only talking about application passwords (Two-Factor is not dead, and will come back at a later date)
    • Lets you use an application password for XMLRPC and the REST API, instead of your normal password or oAuth 1.
    • Questions and discussion around whether there is a large enough use case to make this a core feature. Consensus is that at this point, it doesn’t benefit enough end users to warrant inclusion, but might after or when the REST API endpoints land in core.

Focus Status Updates

  • Customizer: @westonruter, @celloexpressions
    • Customizer Pane Resize (#32296): Stalled.
    • Selective Refresh (#27355): Getting very close.
      • Selective refresh works well together with postMessage JS-updates, as the JS update can apply an immediate (approximate) preview while the Ajax request is being made to get the actual rendered content
      • Selective refresh `partials` have associated selectors and settings, so shift-clicking on any of the containers will focus on the corresponding control in the pane.
    • Customizer notification area (#35210): Needs help!
      • In progress, but an initial patch based on available mockups is needed here.
      • This is a dependency for the setting validation model (#34893) and creating page stubs via nav menus (#34923).
    • Transactions (#30937): Punting due to dependency on the REST API and on selective refresh.
  • Image Improvements: @joemcgill
    • Main focus on improving the default Imagick compression settings, some progress this week identifying the main hurdles there.
    • Could use additional opinions on #28474 (animated gif resizing) and whether it’s worth pursuing.
    • Could use some additional eyes on #34359 (particularly on multisite installs)
    • Weekly meeting is Friday at 20:00 UTC.
  • Multisite/WP_Site: @jeremyfelt
    • WP_Site is in with only minor issues surfacing.
    • Considering a `sites` endpoint for the REST API – primary use right now would be to refactor the My Sites menu.
    • A new repository for the site(s) endpoint has been set up on github.
    • Some renewed interest in a network settings API (or expanding the settings API to include networks)
    • Make/core post coming soon.
  • Editor: @azaozz, @iseulde
    • Going through and fixing edge cases for the inline link dialog. Please test!
    • Next will be the extending of “editing shortcuts”.

View the full logs on Slack.

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