Call for Trac Tickets and Recap of 1/29/2016 Bug Scrub

On Friday, January 29 at 17:00 UTC, we had our regularly scheduled bug scrub. As a reminder, for the 4.5 release, trac bug scrubs will be held weekly each Friday at 17:00 UTC. Bug scrubs are held in the #core channel of WordPress Slack.

The Slack archive for last week’s meeting begins here:

During the bug scrub, the following tickets were covered:

#35216, #27048, #35010, #34887, #35243, #32602, #26571, #33717, #14853, #34996, and #14134

Tomorrow, on Friday, February 4 2016 at 17:00 UTC the bug scrub will run approximately 1 hour. Participants need not be present for the full duration, and everyone is welcome to attend.

We’ll start with a list of pre-submitted tickets, before going to an open floor.

If you would like to submit a ticket for consideration for the bug scrub, please comment below with the ticket number. If you have extensive knowledge of the ticket, attending or adding accompanying text which provides a brief description of each ticket, its current status, and what needs to happen for the ticket would be appreciated. Bug scrubs are a great way to get extra eyes on tickets, feedback on patches, or suggestions on future routes.

#bug-scrub, #trac-cleanup