Feature Plugin Chat notes for Jan 12


Feature Plugin Updates

  • Fields API: @sc0ttkclark
    • Status: Currently finishing implementation for User Profile screen. Targeting WordPress 4.6.
    • Blockers: Need more hands on deck.
    • Discussion: Almost ready for testing: needs more public involvement; as soon as user screen ready, going to put on wordpress.org as a plugin, and post a call to action.
  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): @georgestephanis
    • Status: From a technical perspective pretty much everything functions; needs work from a usability perspective. Current plan is to ensure email authentication always works as an option.
      • One part is ready for 4.5: Application Passwords – generates application unique passwords
    • Blockers: Need more UI/UX feedback/work
    • Discussion: There was an extensive discussion of 2FA – should it be in core? Is even a good solution for security? How do users recover from losing access? Would it be enabled by default? Should it be a ‘core plugin’ – supported by core in plugin form?
    • George invited more discussion at the weekly meeting:  Thursday at 22:00 UTC, in #core-passwords
  • Shortcake: @matth_eu
    • Status: Goal is to get it ready for WordPress 4.6
      • Current focus on the UI side, positioning shortcake as a ‘content blocks’ using shortcodes
      • @matth_eu taking over lead while @danielbachhuber focuses on the REST-API
      • Restarting weekly meetings met on Mondays at 8:00 UTC in #feature-shortcode
  • Customizer: @westonruter
    • Status: Lots of activity, some features should be ready for 4.5.
      • @valendesigns, @celloexpressions & @jtsternberg leading development
      • Weekly meetings in #core-customize on Mondays at 17:30UTC
      • Work continues on the following features/tickets:
        • #32296: Customize Pane Resize
        • #31195: Customize Device Preview
        • #27355: Customize Partial/Selective Refresh (note: core patch should implement use in menus selective refresh)
        • #34893: Customize Setting Validation: looking for feedback
        • #35210: Adding a notification area to Customizer: Still in design phase
        • #34923: Basic content authorship in the Customizer: Design phase
        • #30937: Transactions: Patch needs refresh; biggest effort of all the tickets
    • Blockers: Need feedback on Partial Refresh implementation, especially from theme developers.

Open floor

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