Core Dev Chat Notes for Jan 13

Plugin Chat

  • Chat meeting notes posted on make/core.
  • Another feature plugin chat will be scheduled before the feature plugin decision deadline which is Feb. 3rd.

Week in Core

  • These are very popular and much appreciated updates.
  • @morganestes has done a great job with them; we need more volunteers!
  • @ebinnion and @grantpalin volunteered to take on these updates; The crowd reacted wildly!

Focus Status Check

  • HTTPS Improvements: @johnbillion
    • Continue with HTTPS fixes, including edge cases, mixed content
    • Help fix sites that use a mixture of HTTP and HTTPS (for example, HTTPS for the admin area)
    • Introduce a means of forcing a site to use HTTPS exclusively
    • Attempt to default to HTTPS for new installs where it’s supported
  • Image Improvements: @joemcgill
    • Some bug fixing from 4.4 implementation
    • Picking up work on #33642 – improving compression of images
    • Start working thru code cleanup in images
    • @azaozz mentioned the longer term goal of changing image handling overall
  • Post New: @michaelarestad
    • Project ideas posted on the make blog.  Many ideas here; some will take longer than a single release cycle.
    • Comment there to express interest in working on any of the items.
  • Editor: @azaozz, @iseulde
    • Inline wplink dialog.
    • Improved wpView/blocks inside the editor using the recently introduced TinyMCE API.
    • Few more “editing shortcuts” like backticks for <code> and triple backticks for <pre><code>.
    • Thinking about how to integrate TineMCE’s image manipulation module.
    • Will post a “wishlist” for 4.5 by the end of the week.

Open Floor

  • Comments update from @rachelbaker: 8 open tickets right now slated for 4.5. Highlights
    • #4332 – a 9+ year old Trac ticket that @wonderboymusic made some progress on in 4.4. I refreshed the patch yesterday, but it still needs i18n and developer feedback.
    • #34133 has some great UX feedback/discussion from @melchoyce @karmatosed and @afercia. Improves Moderate Comments screen. Feedback requested.
    • #33717 ( Notification Email When a Comment is Approved ) has an updated patch and @swisspidy is looking for some feedback.
  • Notifications API update from @johnbillion:
    • Would like to replace wp_mail() with an extensible notifications API, which sends emails by default but can easily be hooked in to send notifications via any other means, such as webhooks that enable Slack/IM/push notifications, etc. Optional admin UI for users and admins to opt in/out of individual notifications and notification types. Will post to make/core shortly.

View the full logs on Slack.

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