Core Dev Chat Notes for Jan 6


4.5 Schedule

  • The schedule for 4.5 has been posted:
  • A Feature Plugin chat is scheduled to garner feedback, and also to propose plugin ideas. Next Tuesday Jan 12th, at 21:00 UTC (the dev chat time)

Focus Runthru

  • Customizer@westonruter reported on & @karmatosed, @melchoyce, @valendesigns and @michaelarestad expressed interest in
    • Features in progress: Customize Pane Resizer, Customize Device Preview. Customize Setting Validation, Create page stubs for adding nav menu items.
    • Features ready: Transactions and Selective Refresh
  • Edit/Publish Flow@michaelarestad
    • Blog post coming soon, incremental steps towards improving the new post and publishing process.
  • Image-centric@joemcgill #33642
    • Finish work on improving compression of images
  • No More Mixed Content (https improvements) – @johnbillion leading & @jeremyfelt, @richardtape, @eric expressed interest

Open Floor

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#4-5, #dev-chat