WP REST API: Version 2.0 Beta 8

Just in time for WordCamp US, we have a new REST API for you: 2.0 Beta 8 “Monorail!”. Download it from the plugin repository or from GitHub.

Here’s the changelog:

  • Prevent fatals when uploading attachment by including admin utilities. (#1756)
  • Return 201 status code when creating a term. (#1753)
  • Don’t permit requesting terms cross routes. (#1764)
  • Set fields=>id when using WP_User_Query to fix large memory usage. (#1770)
  • Fix Post _link to attached attachments. (#1777)
  • Add support for getting a post with a custom public status. (#1765)
  • Ensure post content doesn’t get double-slashed on update. (#1772)
  • Change ‘int’ to ‘integer’ for WP_REST_Controller::validate_schema_property() (#1759)

Check out the full set of changes if you’re interested.

#feature-plugins, #json-api, #rest-api