WP REST API: Version 2.0 Beta 7

Hot out of the version controls, we have a new REST API for you: 2.0 Beta 7 “Tastes Like Burning”. Download it from the plugin repository or from GitHub.

Here’s the changelog:

  • Sync infrastructure from WordPress core as of r35691.
    • Remove register_api_field() because it’s conceptually tied to WP_REST_Controller #34730
    • Update the REST API header links to use api.w.org #34303
    • Require the $namespace argument in register_rest_route() #34416
    • Include enum and description in help data #34543
    • Save preg_match iterations in WP_REST_Server #34488
    • Don’t return route URL in WP_REST_Request:get_params() #34647
  • Restore register_api_field() within the plugin. (#1748)
  • Require admin functions for use of wp_handle_upload(), fixing fatal. (#1746)
  • Properly handle requesting terms where parent=0 and 0 is a string. (#1739)
  • Prevent PHP error notice when &filter isn’t an array. (#1734)
  • Change link relations to use api.w.org. (#1726)

Check out the full set of changes if you’re interested.

#feature-plugins, #json-api, #rest-api