Comment Object and Query Features in 4.4

Without comments, a website is as effective at creating a community as the Chicago Cubs are at winning World Series titles. WordPress 4.4 is a rebuilding release and the comments system is much improved under the hood.

This release lays the groundwork for future features and improvements.

A New Classy and Strong Comment Object

The new WP_Comment class provides a single organized comment object that models its row in $wpdb->comments. You may be familiar with this approach from WP_Post, which inspired the caching implementation used in WP_Comment.

This was a prerequisite to many of the other comment-related bug fixes and features added in 4.4. The WP_Comment class is marked final to retain flexibility while it is young.

See #32619.

Comment Queries for the Whole Family

WP_Comment_Query has new query parameters for traversing your comments family tree.

  • parent__in takes an array of comment parent IDs to return all matching children.
  • parent__not_in takes an array of comment parent IDs and does not return any matching children.
  • hierarchical can be set to either threaded, flat, or false.
    • threaded returns a tree for matched comments, with the children for each comment included in its children property.
    • flat returns a flat array of matched comments plus their children.
    • false does not include descendants for matched comments. This is the default behavior.
  • orderby has a new option comment__in, useful when querying by comment__in the matched results will return in the same order.

See #8071 and #33882.

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