WP REST API: Version 2.0 Beta 5

Version 2.0 Beta 5 “¡Ay, caramba!” of the REST API is now available. Download it from the plugin repository or from GitHub.

This is a compatibility release with WordPress 4.4 Beta 1, and is required to use the plugin alongside WordPress 4.4.

Here’s some highlights:

  • Load api-core as a compatibility library
  • Now api-core has been merged into WordPress trunk (for 4.4) we should no longer load the infrastructure code when it’s already available. This also fixes a fatal error for users who were on trunk.

    (props @rmccue)

  • Switch to new mysql_to_rfc3339
  • (props @rmccue)

  • Double-check term taxonomy
  • (props @rmccue)

  • Load admin functions
  • This was removed from the latest beta of WordPress in the REST API infrastructure, a more long term fix is planned.

    (props @joehoyle)

  • Add compat shim for renamed rest_mysql_to_rfc3339()
  • (props @danielbachhuber)

  • Compat shim for wp_is_numeric_array()
  • (props @danielbachhuber)

  • Revert switch to register_post_type_args filter
  • (props @joehoyle)

We have a detailed changelog as well as the full set of changes if you’re interested.

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