Under the hood of Twenty Sixteen

Twenty Sixteen is the new default theme for WordPress 4.4. This year the process has been done differently, with an exciting exploration of how default themes are created. The theme has been developed on GitHub and you can follow along here. The theme has also been synced every night with the WordPress.org theme repository. This has meant more people have been able to use them theme earlier than previous default themes.

As Beta 1 is now out, it’s a great time to explore a little more about what Twenty Sixteen contains and how the contributions have shaped this default theme so far.

Features of Twenty Sixteen

This theme is designed to be a fresh take on the traditional blogging format. It includes:

  • Multiple menu positions and a social menu.
  • Optional sidebar.
  • Custom color options and beautiful default color schemes.
  • Harmonious fluid grid using mobile-first approach.
  • Custom background and header.
  • Overflow displaying large images.
  • Ability to add intro to post using custom excerpt.

Contributions to Twenty Sixteen

During development, there have been some amazing contributions along the way. These include:

  • Lots of accessibility improvements. The Accessibility team have done amazing work reviewing and ensuring Twenty Sixteen is better than any other default theme for accessibility.
  • Improved js handling and tidying in files. Thanks to contributions, the theme js and that of other default themes has been reviewed and optimised.
  • Numerous design enhancements including sub menus.
  • Travis testing integrated with the repo.
  • Device and browser testing. Everyone really helped put this theme through it’s paces.
  • The addition of singular.php.
  • Responsive image support (on the way).
  • Prefixing cleaning up to focus on browsers using.
  • Sanitisation and escaping.
  • Adding of core comments navigation.
  • Hyphenated post titles for better language support.
  • Numerous bug fixes, code tidying and countless tiny improvements.

A big thank you to everyone that has helped make Twenty Sixteen the theme it is. It’s been incredible to see everyone so engaged and active over on GitHub.

With Twenty Sixteen on GitHub, if you have a bug you’d like to report you can do so using GitHub right here.

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