4.4 Dev Chat, September 30: Suggest items for today’s agenda

Here are my agenda items for today’s Dev Chat in the #core channel on Slack.

Time/Date: Wednesday, September 30, 2015 16:00 UTC-4:

  • Gardening
    • 6 weeks, 995 commits Since 4.3
    • 268 in the past 7 days Timeline
    • We’ve closed 484 tickets since 4.4 started
      821 if you count those that have been closed on other milestones as a result of gardening
    • Biggest drop in tickets since 3.7 Ticket Graph
      This is not unique Boom and Bust
    • Can we get below 3000 tickets (it will be tough…)?
      • We have to ignore .org from the # or move the tickets to Meta
      • We need to close 274 non-.org, non-4.4, non-4.3.2 tickets AND every new ticket that is submitted
  • 3 weeks til Beta
  • Comments: changes and many more changes
  • Request for Comments: Shortcode Roadmap
  • Customizer
  • Multisite
  • My next 2 focuses: Multisite and Media

Please suggest any other agenda items for today’s chat. The band’s taking requests.