oEmbed Update: September 28th

As of today, the current version of the oEmbed feature plugin is 0.9.0. These are the biggest changes since last week:

  • There is now an is_embed conditional tag to more easily target embedded posts.
  • New: Support for embedding video and audio attachments.
  • You can now copy the whole embed code and not only the post’s URL in the sharing dialog.
  • There were major JavaScript improvements. It is more robust and also a bit faster too.
  • We now show a read more link instead of the word count in the excerpt.
  • Improved input sanitization.

These were all areas discussed in last week’s chat and I’m happy with what we achieved. The plugin has been installed on WordPress.com, although it has been temporarily deactivated 🙁. Nonetheless I’m looking forward to publishing another post regarding the plugin tomorrow…

There are only some smaller issues left, so now is a great time to test and review the plugin! Our weekly chat is today (September 28 2015 9pm UTC) in the #feature-oembed Slack channel

Note: We received some feedback regarding weird link previews in Slack for WordPress.org links. This is a Slack bug and not our fault. We already reached out to them and hope it gets fixed soon.

As always, the latest version of the plugin is available on the plugin repository. Errors and suggestions can be either reported on GitHub or our #feature-oembed Slack channel.

Next chat: October 5 2015 9pm UTC

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