oEmbed Update: September 22nd

Today I just tagged version 0.8.0 of the oEmbed feature plugin. Despite the small version number the plugin saw some major improvements compared to last week. The changelog:

  • Added translations for Spanish, French, Italian, Finnish, Hebrew. There are now 13 translations in total!
  • Majorly improved embed handling: There’s now a 404 view for non-existent posts and we redirect to the right URL when post slugs change. The latter needs to be fixed in core though, see #33920.
  • Improved REST API support thanks to a review from the team
  • Better support for multisite and WordPress installs in a subdirectory
  • Now the plugin properly supports emojis too! 😀

This was only possible because of great feedback from plenty of users. The plugin is running smoothly on lots of sites now, including WordPress.org itself! It will also ship to WordPress.com this week if everything goes as planned.

We’re very happy with the plugin’s current form. Our priority tasks are now reviewing inline documentation and making sure the plugin is as secure as possible. If these are areas you’d like to work on, your help would be highly appreciated!

As always,the latest version of the plugin is available on the plugin repository. Errors and suggestions can be either reported on GitHub or our #feature-oembed Slack channel.

Next chat: September 28 2015 9pm UTC

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