oEmbed Update: September 9th

Another week, another status update for the oEmbed feature plugin!

The following things changed in the plugin compared to last week:

  • Further accessibility improvements (props @afercia, @joedolson) by removing headings from the iframe content.
  • Better embeds for image attachments
  • thumbnail_url, thumbnail_width and thumbnail_height are now sent in the oEmbed endpoint response if available.
  • Major refactoring to make an possible core merge easier (props @pfefferle)
  • Many bug fixes thanks to improved test coverage. About 90% of the codebase is covered now!

On Monday there was also our weekly chat. The following things were discussed:

  • @pento will be working on implementing the plugin WordPress.com, giving us a larger userbase with hopefully great feedback.
  • In general, we need more testers. So if you have a website, no matter if large or small, go give it a try!
  • The core merge window is getting closer. We opened a couple of issues according to the feature plugin checklist to help us get there.
  • We’ll reach out to various core teams to get feedback on different aspects of the plugin, like inline docs, accessibility, user flow, etc.

As always,the latest version of the plugin is available on the plugin repository. Errors and suggestions can be either reported on GitHub or our #feature-oembed Slack channel.

Next chat: September 14 2015 9pm UTC

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