WP REST API v2 Documentation Meeting

Our current documentation for version 2 of the WP REST API is minimal at best. We need your help to build a resource for developers looking to use the WP REST API v2.

Please join us Wednesday 23:00 UTC 2015 in #core-restapi to discuss our documentation workflow, pain-points, and areas of need.

We are especially interested in you if you have:

  • experience using WP REST API v2
  • tried to use WP REST API v2, but the lack of documentation drove you away
  • experience with any of our authentication plugins
  • front-end skills and ideas on how we can improve our presentation
  • a passion for writing documentation
  • a desire to see the WP REST API in Core
  • nothing else to do during our meeting time

#documentation, #feature-plugins, #rest-api