oEmbed Feature Plugin Update

After kicking off the oEmbed feature plugin a couple of weeks ago, it’s high time for another status update.

In case you have missed it, the oEmbed API plugin makes WordPress an oEmbed provider, allowing you to embed blog posts just like YouTube videos or tweets. Of course everything happens with security and ease-of-use in mind.

oEmbed Feature Plugin

Embedding a post is super simple!

We made some great progress over the last few weeks. The highlights are:

  • Improved test coverage, which led to many fixed bugs
  • Auto-resizing of the embedded iframe so it looks great on every screen
  • It seamlessly integrates with the REST API, but also works perfectly without it

The plugin is very stable so far. We’re looking into bringing it to WordPress.com for testing, but of course we also need your help to bring this further! Download the plugin from the repository — play with it, break it, and help us fixing all bugs that may appear. We’re always looking for areas to improve.

We’re now mainly working on getting it into shape for an eventual core merge proposal and implementing the different oEmbed response types. This means supporting embedding attachment posts and posts with different post formats.

Please, test and report both errors and suggestions either on GitHub or our #feature-oembed Slack channel. Anyone is welcome to join us!

Next chat: September 7 2015 9pm UTC

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