Deputies for 4.4

In lieu of picking one “backup lead” for WordPress 4.4, I have decided to recognize two of the hardest working devs in show business as my deputies for the release. They have both been crushing it in Core for as long as I can remember and are essential to making this release run smoothly for me.

Dominik Schilling

Sergey Biryukov

Excited to be working on another release with Dominik Schilling and Sergey Biryukov!

I have peace of mind when making bold changes to WordPress, because they keep us all honest and watch our changes closely. They know the codebase and have the experience to inform us of the implications of our changes related to the back end, front end, i18n, and browser compatibility. I dare you to stump @SergeyBiryukov on WordPress trivia, and I dare you to name a Beta period where @ocean90 wasn’t an All Star.

Look out for them to lead bug scrubs and help me manage the release.

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