Notes/Agenda – 4.4 Dev Chat, August 26

Here’s the agenda for today’s Dev Chat in the #core channel on Slack.

Time/Date: Wednesday, August 12, 2015 16:00 UTC-4:

  1. New Committers were announced 
  2. Who wants to be the backup lead?
  3. Schedule is still being decided, looking at WordCamp US timetables
  4. Community Feedback

What’s going to be in 4.4?

There is still a lot to decide this week, but there are some things I know for sure we want to work on:

Twenty Sixteen

Announcement Post:

Responsive Images

Update Post:


This will be worked on in a feature plugin, coupled with a healthy dose of user testing and intersecting with Boren’s Flow Patrol initiative. @sheri is going to help me with/teach me user testing, which will drive any new UX/UI media desktop/mobile/responsive initiatives.

Customizer Performance

@westonruter and team have some GREAT initiatives:

  • Partial Refresh:
  • Transactions:
  • JS-driven widgets:

HTTP 2.0 Exploration

@tollmanz has been giving great talks about HTTP/2. He and @ericlewis are going to deep-dive and see how WordPress can prepare itself/the community for taking advantage of HTTPS/TLS/HTTP2 and identify changes that can be made in core and things like VVV to get us there.

Media Widget

@sheri and @melchoyce worked on this in 4.3 – we hope to pick this up again

Mutlisite, the Next Generation

@jeremyfelt is putting together a plan for WP_Site, WP_Network, WP_Network_Query, WP_Site_Query

The Taxonomy Roadmap

A lot of people want Term Meta, it has some pre-reqs. @boone will give us an update of where we are in the Taxonomy Roadmap, what we’ve done, what’s left, etc.

Things that landed in the past week

  • Images should default to not linking #31467 [33729]
  • WP_Embed::maybe_run_ajax_cache() now runs for pages [33642]
  • Term Splitting: Fix a reversal of parameters to wp_schedule_single_event() introduced in r33621. [33646]
  • Introduce post_name__in parameter for WP_Query. [33653]
  • Comments shouldn’t have more than one _wp_trash_meta_status entry. When deleting _wp_trash_meta_status, also delete _wp_trash_meta_time. [33654]
  • Show count next to “Approved”/fix dynamic counts when moderating comments: [33655][33656][33657][33662][33692]
  • Ensure that feeds are served with the proper Content-Type HTTP header. [33658]
  • Deprecate post_permalink() [33659]
  • Introduce is_post_type_viewable( $post_type_object )/Don’t show certain UI pieces when a post is not viewable on the front end [33666]
  • 'post_edit_category_parent_dropdown_args' filter [33682]
  • new filters: default_hidden_columns and hidden_columns [33689]
  • Add new constant: MONTH_IN_SECONDS [33698]
  • Ensure that attachment_url_to_postid() matches cross-scheme when front-end and back-end schemes are different. [33705]
  • Add a query var, 'title', that allows you to query posts by post_title. [33706]
  • In wp_sanitize_redirect(), don’t eat @ characters. [33707]
  • In wp_insert_user(), add a filter: 'insert_user_meta' [33708]
  • wpdb::get_table_from_query() didn’t find table names with hyphens in them. [33718]
  • oEmbed: Remove [33719], add ReverbNation [33745]
  • In WP_Query::parse_tax_query(), allow 'cat' and 'tag' querystrings to be formatted as arrays. [33724]
  • Multisite: Add 'invite_user' action that fires immediately after a user is invited to join a site, but before the notification is sent. [33732]
  • Pass option name to option and transient filters with dynamic names. [33738]
  • Move a lot of classes into their own file, same with functions, load both in the original file: Widgets [33746] HTTP [33748] Users [33749] Comments [33750] Rewrite [33751] Roles [33752] Posts [33759] Tax [33760] Meta [33761]

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