Feature Plugin Chat on July 14

Hey everyone!

As I mentioned at this week’s dev chat, we’re going to have a feature plugin chat this coming Tuesday July 14 19:00 UTC.

If you have an idea that you’d like to propose as a feature plugin or if you have a feature plugin already in development, come to the chat and comment below with the following details:

  • A brief (one paragraph) overview of your feature plugin proposal.
  • Current status (e.g. idea, planning, early/late development, existing plugin, testing, stable, etc). If you’re just in the idea stages, list any existing plugins that are similar to your idea.
  • A list of those involved or already interested in your feature plugin (including you!).
  • A link to the plugin in the WordPress.org plugin directory and/or GitHub repository, if applicable
  • What you’d like help with (scoping, planning, wireframing, development, design, etc).

Please leave just one comment per feature plugin/idea so others can comment on the ones they’re interested in.

Current feature plugin leads: We want your feature plugins here too! Please post an update with the information above.

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