How you can help with the Network Admin UI during contributor day

A previous write-up explains how you can help test and capture the network admin UI. Here’s a specific version for how you can help during contributor day this weekend.

There are four steps to the workflow at the moment:

  1. Capture a visual record of network admin screens.
    • Ideally on a device/browser combination that has not yet been captured.
    • If comfortable, post the screen captures and notes on
    • If you need access to Make/Flow, ask in #core-flow on Slack or around the physical room you’re in (if it’s full of contributors).
  2. Observe screens, actions, and results throughout the network admin.
    • This can happen during or after step 1. You can also just do this without the first step.
    • Look for things that don’t make sense, visual errors, pieces that are difficult on mobile, etc…
  3. Document observations in the screen sweep sheet.
    • This can be with or without a Trac ticket. With or without a screenshot.
    • Acts as a note so that we know that to come back to as part of the overall admin UI improvement effort.
  4. Help with the screen sweep sheet.
    • Open a ticket if there is none. Add screenshots if there are none. Confirm/deny the issue.
    • And patch. If there’s a ticket on the screen sweep sheet that you can patch, submit away.

While this is an ordered list, you do not need to treat it like one. Pick a step that feels comfortable and concentrate on that. If you need guidance, there are folks in Slack that are always happy to help.

Current captured visual records:

By all means, if you have a device that is already captured, don’t hesitate to capture it in your own way or to skip step 1 entirely and start observing.

Thanks for the help!

#contributor-day, #multisite