Multisite Office Hours Recap (June 9, 2015)

Multisite office hours are held every Tuesday at 20:00 UTC in #core-multisite.

Today’s chat log
Overall 4.3 Release Objectives

Last week’s objectives:

  • Have all 3 of these tickets closed and committed. #22383, #32434, #32503
  • Additional iterations on `WP_Network` and `WP_Network_Query`.
  • Generate discussion around HTTPS on #14172. @jeremyfelt will gather a list of HTTPS related tickets.
  • Nexus and iPad flows. Tickets created for bugs found in existing flows. Volunteers needed! 🙂

Today’s meeting agenda:

  • Status on additional flows/visual records and next steps toward ticket creation.
  • New thoughts/discussion on `WP_Network`, `WP_Site` and friends?
  • Status of #22383, #32434, and #32503
  • Open floor for tickets, thoughts, etc…

Topic Details:

Status on additional flows/visual records. Next steps toward ticket creation.

chat log

We have new flows captured. @kraftbj posted the Nexus 6 results and @earnjam will be posting iPad shots within the next couple days. @topdown volunteered to capture screens for Samsung Note 8 and possibly other devices as well.

To date, our device list includes: Nexus 6, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, and Desktop, with additional screens specific to network upgrade.

We posted some info late last week on how someone could help test and capture the network admin UI. Test installations of multisite are available for anyone to use if you have a device but just have no way of accessing a multisite installation. Please leave a comment on the post or in #core-multisite if you’d like to get started.

As we create tickets and find bugs, we need to populate this spreadsheet as part of the overall screen sweep effort.

Objective for next week: New tickets to address found issues. These issues logged in the screen sweep spreadsheet.

New thoughts/discussion on `WP_Network`, `WP_Site`, and friends?

Tickets: #31985, #32450, #32504, #31148
chat log

Not much discussion here. @johnjamesjacoby is going to have iterations of `WP_Site` and `WP_Network` this week. We should have a chat in #core-multisite soon after.

Objective for next week: Iterations on `WP_Site` and `WP_Network`. Discussion around iterations.

Status of #22383, #32434, and #32503

Tickets: #22383, #32434, #32503
chat log

Objective for next week: Let’s cross our fingers that these are closed by tomorrow.

Other items:

Tickets: #14172, #32602
chat log

  • @jeremyfelt still needs to generate discussion around HTTPS for #14172
  • @ipstenu found an issue with the plugin details modal when viewing plugin details on a sub site that has a different domain/scheme from the network admin. The switch to `network_admin_url()` that causes this came in #17902. A new ticket #32602 is open.

Thanks everyone!