Dev Chat Summary, June 3

Agenda, Slack log.

Menu Customizer Merge Proposal (#)
@westonruter, @celloexpressions
We went through the feature plugin checklist and discussed if the plugin was fit for core. It was approved for merge, pending the following conditions:

Items that should be done before merge:

  • Complete a11y audit.
  • Address possible blockers.
  • Merge php tests.
  • Add JS tests.

Then with/after merge:

  • Killswitch for plugin.
  • An outline for a fieldguide post.

Better Passwords (#)
New password UI on Profile screen, via GH plugin. Generates and shows by default. Lets the user hide, or click into the field and type (in show/hide modes). Also, the strength meter has been more closely integrated. The color wraps around the field, and it is integrated as one “unit” instead of being this button-like thing that floats below it. Mark would like to get the current state turned into a patch and merged, as he thinks it’s a fine inflection point, even if the next steps aren’t ready in time.

Admin UI (#)
Got a lot of a11y fixes in play for list tables. A fair number of small/low-hanging fruit issues being noted, which aren’t crucial to hit before beta, so they’ll keep focusing on the bigger items for now. They also started to sync up with #core-flow issues and getting those into the patch and review queue.

Network Admin UI (#)
Last week’s objectives and progress:

  • Wrap work on the edit site flow and MS sites list table and then take a look at the add site flow and validation in `update_blog_details()`. We made progress on the edit site flow and are nearing commit readiness for a few patches.
  • Continued progress on WP_Network, WP_Site, WP_Network_Query, and WP_Site_Query. We had quite a bit of discussion on the WP_Network ticket and in Slack. Not much ticket progress, but we’re doing good at continuing to pay attention.
  • More thoughts on tracking scheme in wp_blogs for sites. We discussed this in the meeting yesterday and need to do some more research on impact. There’s some info in the recap, but we’ll also have a call for info/thoughts soon.
  • More flows and network admin UI tickets from those flows. We have iPhone 5s flows from @ubernaut. We need to do more creating of tickets and generating of additional flows.

Objectives for next week:

  • Have all 3 tickets related to the edit site flow closed and committed.
  • Additional iterations on WP_Network and WP_Network_Query. Please watch this.
  • Generate discussion around tracking site scheme. @jeremyfelt will gather a list of HTTPS related tickets and share.
  • Nexus (@kraft) and iPad (@earnjam) flows. Tickets created for bugs found in existing flows. Volunteers needed!

And the recap has all the juicy details:

Favicons (#)
Site Icon progress has been slow due to him being too busy, but he has a working implementation now which he will put up in a repo on GitHub tomorrow, then he’ll see about liaising with contributors to get feedback, and basically go from there.

Next chat will be on June 10 2015, 20:00 UTC

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