Dev Chat Summary, May 20

Agenda, Slack log.

Committers Update (#)
New guest committers: @iseulde, @westonruter, and @obenland, renewed guest committers: @jorbin, @jeremfelt, permanent committers: @pento, @boone, and @johnbillion
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Editor (#)
No update here. Will discuss goals for this week and next week outside of dev chat.

Admin UI (#)
@helen is plugging away at some groundwork for the CSS roadmap, @stephdau should be taking a look at the first steps for list tables in the next day or so. Will discuss goals for next week in tomorrow’s UI meeting.

Network Admin UI (#)
They talked through aspects of the Edit Site and Add Site flows yesterday to help @hugobaeta with mock-ups. Hopeful to see a mock up of these soon. They have a couple flows in Make/Flow with more on the way. The 5s flow highlighted an issue with text inputs overflowing. There’s also an updated `WP_Network` patch.

Things they want to have done by next week:

  • Android and iPad flows.
  • Conversation around updated `WP_Network` patch and a first attempt at `WP_Site`.

Partial Refresh (#)
Now has support for refreshing menus changed by Menu Customizer:
It’s much simpler than partial refresh for widgets, and @westonruter thinks that maybe it could safely be on by default, instead of requiring opt-in as is currently done for widgets. The concern with on-by-default would be if menus get some dynamic behaviors added to them with JS, so maybe it’s just something that theme authors would need to account for.
Also waiting on feedback and testing from the Menu Customizer, merging the corresponding PR for Menu Customizer, to then merge the PR for Customize Partial Refresh and do a new plugin release.

Goals for next week: Take what was done for Menus and then abstract a level again to facilitate plugins easily adding their own partial-refreshing.

Menu Customizer (#)
@voldemortensen, @celloexpressions
Lazy loading and error handling were committed. Will discuss goals for next week outside of dev chat.

Better Passwords (#)
They’ve been working on a mockup of the password UI:
Probably best to create a temporary hook in core for the password-set UI in the profile, to allow the team to work on this as a plugin. @markjaquith can take care of that core change, and start the plugin on GitHub.
#32428 is on hold until the Password UI is usable. @voldemortensen started work on expiring reset keys #32429, but hopes to get it showcase-able by the end of the week. @rmarks made a first pass at #32430 but it needs more work.

Goals for next week:
1. Hook in core to enable plugin for PW change UI.
2. Working version of PW change UI on the Profile screen (that is, you can change your password with it… show/hide… back compat for the pw confirmation field… not promising the strength hint stuff yet).
3. #32430 ready for commit.
4. Working patch for #32429.

Favicons (#)
@johnbillion made a start on the site favicon manager. As discussed during dev chat last week and in #16434 it has an API so plugins/themes can register new sizes for favicons/touch icons/etc if the need arises. I’ll be pushed to a GitHub repo by tomorrow. The main thing that will need to be discussed is whether this should just be a customizer setting or not. @johnbillion will post about the repository location and meeting times on this blog.

@ocean90 is looking for feedback on #29783!

Next chat will be on May 27 2015, 20:00 UTC

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