Shortcake (Shortcode UI) chat summary – May 11th, 2015

Present: @danielbachhuber, @matth_eu, @goldenapples

  • Fusion pushed Image Shortcake to production today. It’s a plugin that uses Shortcake to replace with [img]. The biggest outstanding implementation issue is aligning an image left or write with text wrap. @goldenapples will continue to explore in Shortcake.
  • We’d like users to be able to edit shortcode attributes with a rich-text editor. However, core doesn’t easily support this use-case. For now, it looks like we’ll transparently encode and decode attributes with HTML values. @matth_eu will create a core ticket see how we can make this less of a hack.
  • We’re still looking to ship v0.4.0 on or around June 9th. Enhancements will be landing in the next couple of weeks so we can have a week or two of soaking before publishing to


Next chat: same time and place

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