Multisite Office Hours Recap (May 5, 2015)

Multisite office hours are held every Tuesday at 20:00UTC in #core-multisite.

We had a lively conversation today around some of our objectives for the 4.3 cycle. The conversation was mostly focused around creating a visual record for the current network admin UI and then establishing our goals for moving that forward. @hugobaeta, @sofiarose, @ubenaut, and @kraftbj all volunteered to start capturing workflows for devices. There are a lot of good notes in #core-flow and examples of other visual records on we can use as a launch point.

Here’s an initial prioritized list of some common workflows. Please add and/or discuss in the comments. I’m likely missing many things. 🙂

  • Add a new user to a site when the user does not currently exist as a network user.
  • Add a new user to a site when the user does exist as a network user.
  • Install, enable, and then activate a theme for a single site on the network.
  • Install a theme and enable it for use on a network.
  • Install and then activate a plugin for use on a single site on the network.
  • Install and then network activate a plugin.
  • Setup multisite from scratch in a subdirectory configuration.
  • Setup multisite from scratch in a subdomain configuration.
  • Create a new site on the network.
  • Upgrade WordPress, including the network upgrade.
  • Update a plugin.
  • Update a theme.
  • Edit the domain/path for an existing site on the network.

We briefly discussed the possible need for validating domains and paths that will arise from #22383 efforts. We need to gather a list of tickets that could benefit.

And we just touched on how we might start working toward a future site switcher for core. This is something that would be excellent as a feature plugin for a future cycle, so if you’re interested—please speak up. Ideas are fun to pass around at this point.

Finally, I’m on the hook for ticket gathering before next week’s office hours so that we can start to prioritize a list of UI (and other) improvements. At the same time, we’ll start finding more and more to fix from the viz-rec process and from general admin UI improvements.

I’ll start that list of tickets in the comments here and then repackage it in a post for next week. Please add any tickets to the comments that you see as useful for network admin UI improvements.

Thanks to everyone for participating!

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