4.2 Release Dry Run

In preparation for a Thursday release, I’d like to do a dry run for 4.2 on Wednesday 15:00 UTC 2015.

The goal would be to complete the dry run and freeze for about a day prior to release. We’ve pushed the scheduled release date by a day due to the 4.1.2 security release that went out on Tuesday morning.

The dry run will include:

  • Testing various features, including Press This and the Customizer Theme Switcher
  • Generally testing the admin and common features using a multitude of devices and browsers, most notably mobile Safari on IOS and IE8
  • Running our usual unit tests including the specialty groups like multisite and AJAX
  • Doing scratch installs and upgrades from a variety of older versions

If we’re satisfied with the results of the dry run, then we’ll freeze. If not, we’ll discuss our options and make a contingency plan going forward.

If you’d like to help out and participate, we’d love to have you. Please come prepared to test!

#4-2, #dry-run