4.2 Enhancements Deadline is March 10th

In a typical release cycle, the beta stages are known as the period where we ramp down and shift focus to testing and fixing bugs only. The testing stages in the 4.2 release cycle will not differ on this point. However, unlike in some previous releases, the shift to working on bugs and testing will be more pronounced in 4.2.

According to the release schedule, Beta 1 is set to begin on March 11th — just about 2 1/2 weeks from now. This means that on March 10th, any enhancement ticket that has one or more commits against it, and/or is owned by a core committer will be converted to a blessed task.

Without exception, all enhancement tickets not converted to tasks on March 10th will be punted to a future release or closed.

So, if you’ve got a pet ticket you’d still like work on for 4.2, now is the time to start if you haven’t already.

If you’re looking for an enhancement to work on, there’s a whole report to choose from!

Next Steps:

Developer Feedback

If you have a patch that needs developer feedback, add the dev-feedback keyword to the ticket and leave a comment. I would also encourage you to mention the ticket in the comments of the Monday jump-start or Wednesday dev chat agenda posts on make/core. You could also mention the ticket number during the “Open Floor” time at the end of the weekly core dev chat on Wednesdays.

Accessibility/Mobile/UI Feedback

If your ticket has anything to do with administration or UI, jump into the #accessibility, #core-flow, or #design channels on Slack to get accessibility, mobile, or design feedback.

Not Ready

If you feel like you just aren’t going to have time to work on your enhancement ticket between now and the March 10th deadline, no problem. Just leave a comment to that effect on the ticket and somebody will come along and mark it for Future Release.

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