Multisite objectives discussion thread for 4.2 (and 2015)

I haven’t written up notes from the last two multisite office hours, so this is a compilation of sorts. We’ve started to hone in on a few objectives for the next few releases. Let’s use this post as a thread for discussion on these objectives.

  1. Arbitrary domain/path support for some networks should work, but there is no UI/UX in the network admin to support it. Testing various configurations should be a priority so that we can determine a possible interface through #22383.
    • Possible concerns involve dealing with URL conflicts and cross site/domain cookie handling.
    • WordPress MU Domain Mapping handles remote login, we should take a good look at this and get more examples.
    • URLs can get confusing, so care should be taken with `home_url()`, `site_url()`, `admin_url()`, `network_admin_url()`, etc…
  2. Nail some things down around open and closed networks so that we can find a path forward.
  3. Multisite focused feature plugins for 4.3, 4.4, and beyond. Quite a bit of work can be done quickly in a featured plugin to build out on an idea. Trying to attempt the same thing with some multisite internals can be a tough task. It would be cool to build out a few things as feature plugins and then work on implementing them.
    • Two commonly mentioned plugins are Network Privacy and the ability to enable plugins per site on a network.
    • I’ll post a list of plugins that were mentioned in on this thread, please continue to discuss here.

Previous meetings covered by these notes – and

This weeks office hours are today in #core-multisite at 20:00 UTC, stop on by!