Improving Mobile Flow in 4.2

Over on make/flow, we’ve been flow testing core, posting visual records, and opening tickets tagged make-flow. During 4.2, we’re going to highlight a couple of these flow tickets every week, with an emphasis on mobile. Here is a small selection of mobile make-flow tickets to consider for 4.2. From log in, to the toolbar and admin menus, on to the editor media buttons, these tickets note some of the annoying little UX issues that impede flow on phones. Fixing these would improve our mobile flows significantly.

The logo header on the log in screen is too large a tap target

Submenus can’t be dismissed on mobile.

Hide Media Buttons on small screens

Prevent device keyboard from displaying after selecting an image in TinyMCE

Allow swiping the admin menu open and closed on touch devices

If you’re curious about Flow and Visual Records, check out the sidebar on make/flow, the Flow Glossary, and the #core-flow Slack channel.

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