WordPress Core Weekly

Hi Everyone!

It’s time for another run-down of what’s going on in WordPress core. This edition covers January 17th, 2015 [31234] through January 25th, 2015 [31281]. If you’re interested in helping out with these updates, comment below, or ping me on Slack as @mike! Without further ado:


  • Menus: Improve accessibility of nav menu locations form. [31272] #31090
  • TinyMCE: Correct vertical positioning of the image toolbar when there are several instances of the editor. [31235] #31028

Script Loader

  • jQuery UI: Add missing dependencies for puff and scale effects. [31273] #31113


  • In get_terms(), check hierarchy for all $taxonomies before bailing early from parent or child_of. [31276] #31118
  • Introduce ‘childless’ parameter to get_terms(). [31275] #29839
  • Add classes for custom taxonomy terms in get_post_class(). [31271] #16223
  • Introduce ‘parent’ parameter to wp_get_object_terms(). [31270] #15675
  • Better loop detection for _pad_term_counts(). [31248] #20635
  • Additional orderby values for wp_get_object_terms(). Adds support for ordering by ‘taxonomy’, ‘term_taxonomy_id’, and ‘parent’. [31236] #28688

Bundled Theme


  • Hide the reorder-widgets button when a widget area is empty. [31255] #27787
  • If there’s only one available sidebar, hide the move-widget button. [31252] #30690
  • Replicate behavior from options-reading.php and hide front page options if there are no pages. [31234] #27630


  • Display correct title in Archives widget if the type of archive was changed using the widget_archives_dropdown_args filter. [31241] #31024


  • Options: Allow $autoload in add_option() to receive false. [31278] #31119
  • Users: In wp_update_user(), make sure $userdataID is set before using it. [31269] #31097
  • Comments: When a comment fails to insert, remove any invalid characters and try again. [31263] [31264] #21212
  • WP_Date_Query date validation should not fail for hour = 0. [31251] #31067

Thanks to @afercia, @ashfame, @azaozz, @avryl, @boonebgorges, @cais, @celloexpressions, @ChriCo, @Clorith, @dlh, @DrewAPicture, @enej, @floriansimeth, @horike, @joostdekeijzer, @jorbin, @lancewillett, @mikeschinkel, @miqrogroove, @morganestes, @nacin, @nathan_dawson, @obenland, @ocean90, @pento, @SergeyBiryukov, @sillybean, @stevenkword, @theMikeD, and @tyxla for their contributions this week!

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