Feature plugins in 4.2 and beyond

Feature plugins for WordPress 4.2 and beyond need to be planned. Let’s get some suggestions together along with their status and who’s working on them.

For each feature plugin that you would like to see considered, either for 4.2 or for a future version, please leave a comment with the following details:

  • Current status (eg. idea, planning, early/late development, testing, stable)
  • Who’s responsible
  • Link to GitHub repo or w.org page, if appropriate
  • Whether you’d like the plugin to be considered for 4.2

It’s become apparent that feature plugins need to be at a much more mature stage before they are considered for merge into core. After all, the point of a feature plugin is to build a feature as a plugin and if the plugin never gets merged into core then we’re still left with a fully workable standalone plugin. Any feature plugins which are to be considered for 4.2 need to be at a very mature stage already.