Release candidate and today’s dev meeting agenda

4.1 was originally due for release today, but a few tickets in the 4.1 milestone have held things up a little. The release candidate will be tagged in time for today’s dev meeting at December 10 2014 21:00 UTC, and the target release date is now Monday, December 15th Tuesday December 16th.

Here’s the agenda for today’s dev meeting:

  • Documentation from various make/core posts need to go into the plugin handbook and theme handbook.
  • The 4.1 page on the Codex is in progress.
  • Eyes on the support forums – the alpha/beta forum has seen almost no activity so we need eyes on the forums as a whole.
  • ‘About’ page design – @melchoyce, kelly, @helen #30435
  • Plugin developers – update your plugin’s readme files to indicate support for 4.1 once RC1 is released. You’ve tested all your plugins with the beta, yeah?
  • Looking for something to do? Tickets reported against trunk needs some continued triaging.
  • Status of plugin directory l10n and recommended plugins tab. @stephdau @tellyworth
  • Discuss status of l10ns for polyglots.
  • Discuss a status update meeting type thing on Sunday.
  • Discuss release plan. @nacin
  • Any other business.

#4-1, #agenda