Dev Chat Summary, December 3rd


  • Focus rolled out to


  • Beta 3
  • RC1


  • Recommended plugins will move to a new tab in the plugin installer. The popular plugins tab will remain.
  • Strings will be released to translators on Wed. the 3rd.
  • RC1 possibly on the 3rd. Possibly not.


  • @tellyworth will move recommended plugins to a new tab.
  • @johnbillion will work on about page text, clearing the 4.1 milestone, and triaging tickets reported against trunk.
  • @nacin will release strings.
  • @johnbillion will tag RC1.

Links Mentioned


johnbillion [15:03]
No agenda today, we’ll do it live :sunglasses:

johnbillion [15:03]
First up, #30516

WordPress Trac [15:03]
#30516: Focus v2: admin toolbar rendering issues

johnbillion [15:05]
From some cursory testing it looks like this rendering issue is confined to Chrome on Hi-DPi devices but I’d like to make sure

johnbillion [15:05]
If people can test this on as many browsers as they can that would be great

johnbillion [15:06]
All you need to do is check the toolbar renders correctly after leaving DFW

mark [15:06]
Fix is in, just need to verify it?

johnbillion [15:06]

azaozz [15:07]

Recommended Plugins

tellyworth [15:09]
johnbillion: no big changes re the recommenders.

tellyworth [15:09]
I think the only decision to make is, does it stay where it is on the Popular tab, rename the tab, or move to a separate tab?

nacin [15:10]
I think it makes sense for it to be a separate tab, especially if we think we can become more confident in the recommendations over time.

nacin [15:10]
There’s an issue of broad discovery that “Popular” solves.

nacin [15:10]
Otherwise it feels like you’re looking through a ship porthole.

nacin [15:11]
Every “marketplace” / “store” / whatever needs some kind of home base.

nacin [15:11]
If we have 30,000 plugins and they’re only browsable via tiny, curated lists like recommended and featured, or by searching, you’ll never find good stuff.

tellyworth [15:11]
Ideally, recommended ought to be pretty close to popular by default (minus the problems popular currently has).

nacin [15:11]
If you have to search for arbitrary terms just to find what’s cool and interesting out there, that’s a problem.

tellyworth [15:12]
I’ll make a quick patch to move it to a separate tab. Do you think popular ought to stay exactly as-is, or change in some way?

nacin [15:12]
And once you start to install things, you’ll only get recommended similar ones, which further puts you into a tunnel-vision.

nacin [15:12]
Do you have suggestions for changing it? I’m not familiar with its problems.

nacin [15:13]
I am all for experimenting/changing everything/anything there. I just have opinions about stripping it down too much without something like decent browsable categories and such, otherwise you’ll feel trapped and discoverability plummets.

tellyworth [15:13]
popular shows plugins you already have installed, for one.

tellyworth [15:14]
Also it tends to be self fulfilling, the most popular are at the top and that feeds back into more popularity.

nacin [15:14]
I’ve argued before that it _helps_ to see what you already have installed. “Oh, cool, the plugin I have is actually pretty widely used.”

helen [15:15]
i think it’s better as a new, separate tab.

tellyworth [15:15]
btw the recommender doesn’t recommend similar plugins. It recommends other plugins used by people similar to you. So you’re not getting one narrow list of subject matter.

mark [15:15]
iOS app store doesn’t filter out stuff you have.

nacin [15:15]
@tellyworth: Right, sorry, I was abbreviating.

tellyworth [15:15]
I’m ambivalent, just laying out the things that have been mentioned to me.

jeffr0 [15:17]
I’m for Recommended being in its own tab.

nacin [15:17]
Feels like a separate tab isn’t a bad choice for now. We also removed a tab we used to have in 4.0, so it’s not like it’s true proliferation of tabs.

tellyworth [15:17]
ok, I’ll update the ticket with a patch for a separate tab and look for feedback.

jeffr0 [15:17]
Do you know if it will recommend plugins that haven’t been updated in two years?

tellyworth [15:19]
jeffr0: generally no, but I can do some further tweaking if that sort of thing is happening. It looks for plugins in use on recent WP versions only, excludes antique installs, so abandoned plugins should be rare.

tellyworth [15:19]
The ticket has a plugin that will help identify bad recommendations if they’re happening – -#30337

WordPress Trac [15:19]
#30337: Recommended plugins to replace Popular plugins tab

jeffr0 [15:20]
Ok, cause in testing, it’s recommending plugins that are 5-8 years old. When it has more data to use, those plugins should be filtered out automatically?

nacin [15:20]
We should probably put a last_updated >= -2 years ago on it

nacin [15:20]

johnbillion [15:21]
Same as the search results

ipstenu [15:21]
(So update your readmes, people with older, awesomer, plugins that still work)

johnbillion [15:21]

johnbillion [15:21]
As long as they still work

kronda [15:21]
joined #core

johnbillion [15:22]
Let’s do a new tab fo Recommended then

Plugin Directory I18n

johnbillion [15:22]
@nacin Update on the plugin directory i18n?

nacin [15:22]
@johnbillion: Basically, there’s a lot of moving bits all happening at once. @stephdau continues to work on getting plugin readme translations ready (readme => GlotPress => loading it on locale sites => sending the info through the API to core’s plugin installer). The code to generate language packs is done and has been functional for months; it just needs to be hooked up to automatically trigger when we start to introduce new plugins. I created #meta-i18n as a better location to track all of this.

There are some minor core changes that need to happen in 4.1 to support localized plugin/theme installers come early 2015 (once things are getting translated). I am not sure who is working on that at the moment, but it might end up being some amalgamation of me, @stephdau, and @tellyworth? (I am behind thanks to the holiday on whether there was recent movement.)


nacin [15:23]
Separate update: Strings will be released to translators in the next few hours. As part of that, I typically audit every new string for grammar, spelling, voice, and such. (Sometimes changes happen accidentally, etc.)

nacin [15:23]
We can then release the about page in the next day or two and things should be OK.

nacin [15:23]
I don’t think there are very many new strings in 4.1 at all.

nacin [15:24]
In the last few releases, the about page has been a majority of strings, I think.

johnbillion [15:24]
@ocean90 has some stats on the new string count

ocean90 [15:25]
~150, includes fuzzy ones (edited)

nacin [15:27]
In similar releases, there are three or four languages that have that # complete within an hour.

nacin [15:27]
Or a few hours. (Also not referring to the English non-US ones.)

petya [15:29]
It would be great if that number had an additional zero for 4.1 though 🙂 (edited)

nacin [15:31]
I just mean how quickly they are translated, not how many languages are ready on release day, which for 4.0 was 20, and within a week or two 40. But yes. :simple_smile:

About Page

johnbillion [15:31]
So I’ve been working on the About page text, I’ll put the first pass up onto #30435 shortly

WordPress Trac [15:31]
#30435: 4.1 About screen


johnbillion [15:32]
There are a handful of bugs from the 4.1 milestone list that I want to get in tonight and then RC1 will be tagged

nacin [15:33]
RC1 usually implies all tickets are closed, except perhaps some housekeeping items (about page, pointers, etc).

johnbillion [15:34]
Agreed, majority of the rest will get moved to future release

nacin [15:34]
Or tracking tickets etc.

nacin [15:34]
Everything should be punted at this point unless it is a regression, a critical bug, or 4.1-specific; and then those all need to be dealt with.

johnbillion [15:35]
That’s about all I have on my list for today, except to mention that the alpha/beta forum has been quiet

ipstenu [15:36]
That really scares me too, johnbillion – I was expecting a lot more “OMG! What is this vanishing focus thing?”

janneke [15:36]
At what point does need to be clear?

nacin [15:37]
Yesterday? :simple_smile:

janneke [15:37]
Okay. :simple_smile:

janneke [15:38]
Btw, why are there closed tickets in there?

nacin [15:38]
probably a report bug.

johnbillion [15:38]
Same here @ipstenu, especially as the pointer has only just gone in

mike [15:40]
We definitely have a problem with users not testing until RC. :confused:

mike [15:40]
Have a feeling there will be a lot more feedback then.

johnbillion [15:41]
Ok well that’s all that was on my list to discuss, which makes this one of the shortest meetings we’ve had for a while

johnbillion [15:41]
Open floor for at least the next 20 mins

johnbillion [15:42]
Tonight I’ll be continuing with the About page text and clearing the 4.1 milestone. I’ll also look at triaging the tickets reported against trunk as it looks like there are quite a few tickets in there which aren’t actually trunk tickets.