Twenty Fifteen Chat Summary October 21

Notes for our first weekly chat about Twenty Fifteen:

We started off our office hours for today precisely right on the minute — one hour early. Apologies to anyone who missed the chat time. Maybe we were too eager to chat about Twenty Fifteen.

Twenty Fifteen is in great shape right now but we still need bug finders and patch testers/contributors to help us make this the best default theme yet. Right now, our biggest priorities are mobile, accessibility, and the big ticket: double scrollbars.

Our big ticket right now, the blocker, is #29979 — the double scrollbar. The more eyes we have on this ticket the better. The goal is a fixed sidebar, only when the height is just right for it. When the height isn’t right, it should scroll with the content.

It would be great to have some help with #29980.

The accessibility team has done a great review of Twenty Fifteen. (Thanks!) Our top priority right now is to make sure we have those tickets prioritized and in trac. @davidakennedy is going to lead the charge with getting those tickets in.

@davidakennedy and @karmatosed will be continually looping the a11y and theme review teams into Twenty Fifteen testing and development.

We also chatted about Sass and determined that the discussion around shipping Sass with a default theme will be best to have ahead of, and for, Twenty Sixteen. Let’s decide to do it, if we do it, then. It doesn’t seem like it would have helped with any of the tickets so far, and even including it for development at this time is one more feature to keep track of at this point. There’s no ticket for it yet, but including it will be a wontfix.

The chat log is here. Join us weekly in IRC, Tuesdays at 15:30 UTC.

#bundled-theme, #twentyfifteen