WordPress Core Weekly

Hi everyone!

It’s time for WordPress Core Weekly (formerly known as Last Week in WordPress Core) again! There have been suggestions to change the name of these summary posts to stop confusions about being the last week of WordPress.

This updates covers all commits since last week up to today, October 15th. There has been much progress this week with lots of improvements to the WP_*_Query classes, fixes in the admin and of course the introduction of the Twenty Fifteen theme! The complete summary:


  • Add missing labels to category filter dropdowns. [29870] [29871] #29921
  • Differentiate between invalid and missing admin emails when adding a new site [29877] #17890
  • Multisite: Do not send a welcome notification when noconfirmation has been flagged [29880] #16235
  • Admin menu: [29898] #29806
    • Fix pinning after resizing the window.
    • Merge the two DOM ready callbacks in common.js
    • Fix the submenus position adjustment on focus.


  • TinyMCE: fix the ‘wpgallery’ plugin to use a placeholder for galleries when either the ‘wpview’ plugin or wp.mce is not loaded. [29883] #28756
  • Quicktags: move focusing the editor after inserting content to the end of the code blocks. [29884] #29944
  • Editor-expand: reset the editor height after the window is resized. [29886] #29952


  • Change instances of “Theme Customizer” to just “Customizer”, as the Customizer isn’t necessarily theme-specific. [29903] #29947
  • Only POST dirty settings to preview to improve performance. [29905] #29983
  • Don’t trigger a change event if two unchanged object values are equal, second pass. [29907] #26061

Bundled Themes

  • Add an alt attribute with the site title for header images linked to the home page. [29842] #15926

Twenty Fifteen


  • Add aria-describedby attributes to comment_form(). [29846] #24148

External Scripts

  • Update jQuery UI to 1.11.1. [29847] #29833
    • Rename all files, remove the jquery.ui. prefix. Add old files to $_old_files.
    • Add and use non-minified files in /src.
    • Add grunt task to minify jQuery UI files.
    • (Non-minified files will not be shipped.)

Language Packs

  • Language packs: Remove translations when deleting a theme or a plugin. [29856] #29860


  • Handle deficiencies in PHP’s parse_url in older versions of PHP (<5.4.7) in WP_HTTP::make_absolute_url(). [29851] [29850] [29861] #28001, #29886
    • Correctly handle url’s containing url’s in WP_HTTP::make_absolute_url().
    • Correctly support Schemeless URLs in WP_HTTP::make_absolute_url() by respecting the ‘host’ field if present in the relative url.
  • New remove() method and some unit tests for the WP_Error class. @29854 #28092
  • Return an error when adding a term to a non-existent parent. [29867] #29614


  • Use the primary meta_query clause when parsing orderby in WP_Query. [29855] #16814
  • Introduce support for nested queries in WP_Meta_Query. [29887] #29642
  • Use only LEFT JOINs when a meta_query contains a NOT EXISTS clause. [29890] #29062
  • Introduce support for nested queries in WP_Tax_Query. [29891] #29718 #29738
  • Support EXISTS and NOT EXISTS in WP_Tax_Query. [29896] #29181
  • Support nested tax query syntax in redirect_canonical(). [29901] #29738
  • Avoid redundant table joins in WP_Tax_Query. [29902] #18105

Thanks to @rianrietveld, @tschutter, @netweb, @joedolson, @bramd, @Fab1en, @ocean90, @stephenharris, @boonebgorges, @georgestephanis, @jesin, @afercia, @miqrogroove, @avryl, @mboynes, @transom, @DrewAPicture, @johnrom, @matt, @iandstewart, @iamtakashi, @obenland, @cainm, @kristastevens, @karmatosed, @chellycat, @lancewillett, @kwight, @davidakennedy, @otto42, @jakub.tyrcha, @studionashvegas, @tareq1988, @westonruter for their core contributions!

Revisions covered: [29842] to [29907]. For the complete list of commits to trunk, check out the log on Trac.

Interested in joining in? Write or test a patch for 4.1.

#4-1, #week-in-core