Get your gloves on, weekly bug scrubs are back

In recent releases we’ve sporadically done weekly bug scrubs on Fridays. They allow contributors a concentrated period of time to triage Trac tickets while other people are around at the same time, and they generally work well.

I’m starting up the weekly bug scrubs again for the 4.1 cycle. The aim is to gather in the #wordpress-dev IRC channel each Friday at 4PM GMT (October 17th 2014 16:00 UTC) and spend some time triaging a particular report or a particular subset of tickets. Sometimes it lasts 20 minutes, sometimes people are around for a few hours.

This Friday we’ll start with the 4.1 milestone report to trim it down a bit (it’s in good shape at the moment) and then move onto any other tickets which are candidates for inclusion in 4.1.

Never been to a bug scrub before? Join us!