Dev Chat Summary, October 8th

Agenda, IRC log.

User/Post Dropdown Performance (#)
@helen, @ericlewis
No code movement as of recently, but they’re laying out a plan to get both working in plugin form by this time next week. User dropdown works in the plugin already.
Barring further feedback, still appears that select2 is our best option in terms of a JS helper library.

Editor Focus (#)
@markjaquith, @avryl
Coming together well. At this point as many people as possible just need to test the plugin. There’s also a preview of focus. Mark considered that the existing DFW button could turn into a toggle for the new DFW, not to turn it on/off, but whether to allow its auto behavior or now.

Meta/Term/Date Query Enhancements (#)
After last week’s meeting, Boone posted an overview of the Query projects on make/core. Since then, he chugged along on the multi-relational rewrites of the Meta, Tax, and Query classes. He has got a patch ready to post for WP_Date_Query #29822 within the next day, which will complete the set.
Major blocking issue at the moment is that he needs high-level feedback on the WP_Recursive_Query proposal.

Session Manager (#)
@nacin @johnbillion
Feature plugin to display a user’s active sessions. Not a lot of dev has happened on this but there’s been several bits of discussion on its GitHub repo. One of John’s concerns is how to ensure this UI isn’t too intrusive for most users, because most users will only ever have one active session at a time. It may be best to shove this to the very bottom of the user editing screen. Screenshot. Privacy concerns were voiced over sending I.P. addresses to While it’s not saving anything in 4.0, it will be saving IPs in 4.1. Nacin suggested to use a geoip API so the page loads with IPs, and then if geoip works, locations show up.

UI Improvements for Core/Plugin/Themes Updates (#)
Nacin posted about improvements to the UI for installing/updating plugins/themes/core. @melchoyce tried to do some initial mockups for this week but it looks like they’re still in the ideas stage. Sketches, rough prototype. Further discussion in #29820.

Open Floor (#)

#4-1, #meeting