Last Week in WordPress Core

Hi Everyone!

It’s time for Last Week in WordPress Core! This update covers through Sunday, October 5th, and contains many commits from WordCamp Europe. Yay! Things are rolling along well, including first passes on pinning the admin menu, and many fixes to media and image handling. A complete summary is below.

Name Change?
It’s been suggested that we change the name of this post to “Core Weekly,” because apparently there has been confusion about this being the last week of WordPress Core, which would just be sad. I like the name idea. Any comments or suggestions?


  • First pass at pinning the admin menu on scrolling similarly to how the side metaboxes are pinned on the Edit Post screen. [29835] #29806
  • Add classes to form containers on Edit User and taxonomy screens. [29803] [29804] #29348 #28196
  • Add default z-index to the admin menu, see [29841] #29806
  • Use correct context for “Name” and “Parent” strings on taxonomy screens. Remove unnecessary context for “Slug” and “Description” strings. [29821] #29824
  • When switching to the Text editor, make the textarea visible to screen readers. [29815] #29815
  • Add a default filter to title_save_pre to avoid extra whitespace. [29801] #19904


  • Account for MEDIA_TRASH in both the Media Grid and Media List Table. [29810] [29811] [29812] #29742
  • Add the date filter from media grid to the media modal. [29813] #28990
  • Add a namespace to the click handler registration for .insert-media in media-editor.js: click.add-media-button to allow devs to override the default behavior. [29802] #23096
  • In wp_delete_attachment(): account for orphan sizes by looping over the sizes stored in metadata, instead of relying on the current sizes stored in $_wp_additional_image_sizes. [29816] #24518
  • For attachment-compat fields, show a spinner while is firing. #27028 [29831]
  • In the admin, give media list table icons auto for width and height. In the post thumbnail metabox, apply width: auto. If someone turns on support SVG files, this will allow them to show up. [29832] #26256
  • Allow PSDs (Photoshop documents) to be uploaded. [29833] #28805
  • Fix setting default quality in WP_Image_Editor. [29834] #29856
  • Pass the requested size to wp_get_attachment_image_attributes filter. [29836] #29869

Network Admin

  • Don’t display update count for Themes when the user doesn’t have the update_themes cap. [29817] #29651
  • Don’t display update count for Plugins when there aren’t any/count is 0 [29817] #29651
  • Properly check if the theme is active on the main site to avoid deleting it via bulk actions. [29839] #29861


  • In activate_plugin(), do not re-run the activation routine for already-active network-wide plugins. [29818] #28651
  • Avoid a PHP notice in list_plugin_updates() if plugins_api() returned a WP_Error object. [29825] #29583
  • Use correct links for filtering plugin reviews. #29826 [29754]
  • Plugin search: Wrap results in a form to fix pagination’s paged input field. #18724 [29829]
  • Pass the requested size to wp_get_attachment_image_attributes filter. [29836] #29869


  • In the wp_new_blog_notification() email template, include the login url. [29806] #21089
  • Always sanitize user_nicename in wp_insert_user() to avoid broken author archive permalinks. [29819] #29696


  • WP_Comment_Query: comment__in, comment__not_in, post__in, post__not_in. [29808] #25386
  • Add a class attribute for submit button in comment form. [29809] #20446
  • Add an aria-label attribute with commenter’s name to get_comment_reply_link(). [29822] #16433

Thanks to @afercia, @andg, @andrewryno, @arippberger, @avryl, @azaozz, @bainternet, @boonebgorges, @ccprice, @desrosj, @ericlewis, @georgestephanis, @janhenckens, @jarednova, @jb510, @jbrinley, @jeremyfelt, @jesin, @joedolson, @joemcgill, @JoshuaAbenazer, @karpstrucking, @markoheijnen, @mattheu, @merty, @michalzuber, @mordauk, @nikolov.tmw, @nofearinc, @obenland, @ocean90, @OriginalEXE, @paulwilde, @peterchester, @SergeyBiryukov, and @wonderboymusic for their contributions this week, and to @swissspidy for help in compiling this post.

This post covers revisions [29800] to [29841]. For the complete list of commits to trunk, check out the log on trac. Interested in joining in? Write or test a patch for 4.1. Also, don’t miss the weekly meeting today at 20:00 UTC.

#4-1, #week-in-core