Last Week in WordPress Core

Hi Everyone! It’s finally time for another update. This is the first Last Week in WordPress Core for WordPress 4.1! I know there hasn’t been one for ages, but after talking with @dh-shredder at WordCamp Europe I’m confident that we’re able to change that.

Let’s have a look at the changes between September 23 and today:


  • If the current user does not have the delete_posts cap on the current post type, don’t list delete or trash as bulk actions for the relevant context of Post list table. [29757] #20175
  • TinyMCE: when pasting/inserting content before a view, add new paragraph above it and insert the content there.
  • TinyMCE: Use Tahoma for RTL in general and Arial for Hebrew in editor styles. [29773] #29553
  • Fix tapping on the menu in iOS and Android [29770] #29365
  • Don’t display an empty comment author IP link on Comments screen. [29774] #29766
  • In the form handler logic for edit-tags.php, don’t redirect until $_REQUEST['paged']has been checked. All switch cases (except edit) now use break instead of exit. [29782] #16162
  • Show the number of approved comments instead of all comments on the dashboard in the “At a glance” section. [29785] #26738

Bundled Themes

  • Prevent the arrow in “Continue reading” links from wrapping to a second line. [29771] #27908
  • Twenty Fourteen: Include Latin Extended font subset for Lato. [29772] #29690


  • Add two properties to media.model.Attachments.propmap: include and exclude, which are aliases for post__in and post__not_in. This allows you to instantiate a library that includes and/or excludes specific attachments by passing a single ID or an array of IDs. [29759] #26587
  • Disable multi-file uploading in iOS 7.x Safari as it prevents uploading of videos. [29776] #29602
  • When the modal is open, don’t respond to arrow keys when <textarea> has focus. [29777] #29725
  • Add size to the UI for Gallery Settings in the media modal. Ensure that the TinyMCE view is refreshed when size changes. [29779] #18143


  • wp_extract_urls() needs to also grab URLs with query strings and hashes. [29756] #29314
  • In wp_ajax_replyto_comment(), if $_POST['comment_type'] is set, use it for the value of $comment_type, which the compact() call has assumed is set since [8720]. It never was. [29758] #29704
  • Ordering by RAND():
    The shortcode callbacks for gallery and playlist check for 'RAND' == $atts['order'], which isn’t a valid value for order. Remove those checks and update the docs.
    In WP_Query, if the value of orderby is rand, order is irrelevant and should be unset. [29760] #29629
  • Add safeguards for when ext/hash is not compiled with PHP. [29761] [29751] #29518
  • Improve and clarify inline commenting inside the check_comment() function. [29763] [29762] #29734
  • Create correct permalinks for child posts of hierarchical post types when default permalinks are used. [29765] #29615
  • Allow bookmarks to be ordered by link_description in get_bookmarks(). [29778] #29763
  • In paginate_links(), ensure that query string args are propagated to the resulting paginated links. [29780] #29636
  • The joys of wptexturize(): [29781] #29557
    • Revert parts of [28773] and [28727] and [29748].
    • Do not ignore unclosed HTML comments.
    • Do not break unregistered shortcodes, e.g. [hello attr=”value”], or when there is extra whitespace, e.g. [ hello ].
    • Do not break HTML in shortcode attributes, e.g. [hello attr=”<”].
  • Use SSL for all references to [29787] [29788] [29789] #27115
  • Change the default orderby value in wp_get_nav_menus() to 'name'. [29792] [29796] #29460

Thanks to @hauvong, @dlh, @mvd7793, @nerrad, @pavelevap, @loushou, @avryl, @TobiasBg, @DustinHartzler, @dominik.schwind, @afercia, @ryelle, @richardmtl, @noplanman, @wonderboymusic, @obenland, @miqrogroove, @ixkaito, @benjmay, @mantismamita, @nikolov.tmw, @shooper, @shooper, @voldemortensen, @igmoweb, @curtjen, @simonwheatley for their core contributions!

Revisions covered: [29756] to [29799]. For the complete list of commits to trunk, check out the log on Trac. Interested in joining in? Write or test a patch for 4.1. Also don’t miss the weekly meeting today 20:00 UTC

#4-0, #week-in-core