Announcement 4.1 kickoff meeting this Monday September 29…

Announcement: 4.1 kickoff meeting this Monday, September 29, at 1400 UTC. This is an unusual time for us that we’d like to try out. The Wednesday meeting (October 1) is still on for 2000 UTC as well.

Around the world:

  • 10am U.S. Eastern (GMT-4), 7am U.S. Pacific (GMT-7).
  • This is midnight Tuesday for east coast of Australia (GMT+10).
  • If you’re at WordCamp Europe’s contributor day (GMT+3), this will be 5pm.

More to come with regards to 4.1 over the weekend, but I wanted to make sure everyone saw this (as it was decided at this week’s dev meeting). But please think about what you’d like to work on or what you’d like to see. This comment thread is also open.

This initial post said Monday, September 28. Monday is September 29, and that’s the day of the meeting.

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