Summary of 6 25 dev chat IRC log…

Summary of 6/25 dev chat (IRC log):


  • Beta 1 is being pushed back to July 9 from July 2, with each successive beta and RC 1 also pushing back a week. The schedule has been updated.
  • oEmbed (@azaozz), i18n / language packs (@nacin), media grid (@ericlewis), and plugin installer (@tellyworth) should each have an update post published here before the weekend, outlining what has been done thus far, next steps, points needing discussion, and relevant tickets.
  • Each of the above should have a new patch ready by Monday. Across the board, it would be nice to see more work-in-progress patches — props @ericandrewlewis for recent patches on the media grid ticket
  • Daily scrubs in #wordpress-dev happening at 15:00 UTC.
  • @johnbillion would like to help coordinate people who are given time by their employers to work on WP; Make/Core post forthcoming.


  • Recent updates to oEmbed: previews in the editor, media modal, added a bunch of providers
  • Todos: SSL, script sandboxing, caching improvements, UI/UX tweaks
  • Two thirds of our supported providers don’t support SSL: #28507
  • @sams suggested SSL should be a requirement for oEmbed providers going forward (have since revised to an important consideration for the time being).
  • Insecure iframes and/or insecure contained content will be blocked by newer Chrome and Firefox.
  • Two options: placeholder or a nonced, authed, proxied iframe.
  • For Monday: Placeholder fallback for SSL admin and non-SSL oEmbeds.


  • Haven’t seen any movement since last week, a lot is listed out on ticket:
  • For Monday: Patch showing where we are now.

Media Grid

  • A quick phase 2 of the media grid is going forward
  • Media Grid needs a fair amount of work, not user testable yet.
  • Reminder: watch out for strings like “Edit Media” (#) won’t work well for long translations, i.e. ru_RU.
  • @ericandrewlewis asked for feedback on the JavaScript application structural decisions around Media Grid. This is likely worth a separate discussion.
  • For Monday: A user-testable patch.

Plugin Installer

  • Screenshots for possibly comparable things.
  • @tellyworth is working on plugin-install.php and @stephdau is working on the details modal / page.
  • Next: Need to discuss what kind of data is most helpful to display for users when they are trying to figure out which plugin it is they want.
  • For Monday: @tellyworth and @stephdau will post patches in progress.


With thanks (again) to @designsimply for note collation.

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