6/18 agenda, 6/11 meeting summary

Proposed agenda; as always, please comment below with any additions you may have. Apologies for the late post today.

  • i18n: #28571 (Language updates problems), #28577 (Allow language to be chosen during initial install), next steps.
  • Customizer component.
  • Editor experience.
  • Plugins page improvements (UI/UX prompt post).
  • Schema changes.
  • #22023: Remove UNIQUE for slug in wp_terms.
  • SSL: #12609: Enabling FORCE_SSL_ADMIN breaks wp-cron.php

Summary of 6/11 dev chat (IRC log):

3.9.2 Status

  • @azaozz will go through the MCE patches
  • Shipping a few more bug fixes to everyone in 3.9.2 planned to go forward next week

Press This

  • Not far enough along to considered for 4.0, but it is taking shape.


  • 4.0 feature list: Media Grid, oEmbed discoverability, plugin install experience, i18n, editor experience tweaks.
  • Behind-the-scenes: SSL, taxonomy.
  • Add a “beta” tab for feature plugins when running a dev version of WP (complete).


  • #17689 [28733] – “`get_term_by( ‘name’, …)` is not a concern after all. We should move on to #22023.
  • #10041 – Switching from `like_escape()` to `esc_like_sql()`should continue to throw the deprecated notice. Needs a write up on Make/Core and/or Make/Plugins

Action needed

  • Go through oEmbed endpoints and document which ones do *not* yet have SSL (@johnbillion volunteered, posted on #28507)
  • Please post lots of thoughts on #28249 – sandboxing embeds in iframes.

Open-ended bug scrub