Summary of 5 7 dev chat IRC log…

Summary of 5/7 dev chat (IRC log):

Proposed 4.0 ideas

  • Multisite enhancements: SSL, get site creation/editing UIs in line with the arbitrary domain/path support. Planning on weekly office hours.
  • Mobile experience: media modal and upload flow, Press This feature plugin.
  • oEmbed discoverability, usability, and caching improvements.
  • Widgets: JS API (#28093)
  • Taxonomy roadmap, part one.
  • Background images in the customizer.
  • Plugin installer improvements: better search and more information (needs .org API support), upgrading a plugin or theme via zip upload (#19641)
  • Export API improvements/overhaul (#22435)
  • Post meta: support for revisions (#20564)
  • APIs for posts/comment types/statuses. Ping @nacin if interested in collaborating (#12706).
  • Continuous a11y enhancements, particularly in the media modal.
  • Texturize patches, continuing on performance enhancements and bugfixes in 3.9.

If you are interested in any of the above, sound off in the comments below.

Potential themes for the release:

  • More visual cues in the admin for user tasks, as has been done for themes.
  • Continuing to improve the editing and media experiences.
  • Lots of under the hood things and API attention to make devs happy.

Feature Plugins

  • Front-end Editor looks like it’ll continue past 4.0, as enabled by being a feature as a plugin, but we should continuously keep an eye on it and see what improvements can be brought into core sooner.
  • Media Grid View and Press This are under way.
  • WP API continues to move forward.

Patches needing early dev attention

  • #17689: Terms should not be sanitized inside term_exists(). This is the first step in moving along with the taxonomy roadmap, so please look here if this has been of interest to you. Potentially needs more unit tests. Thanks to @aaroncampbell for the latest patch.
  • #14759: Improve the way oEmbed deals with caching (patch from @markjaquith).

And finally, 3.9.1 is out now, if you haven’t already updated or been updated.

#4-0, #dev-chat