Summary of last week’s dev chat on 4…

Summary of last week’s dev chat on 4/30 (IRC log):


Features as plugins

  • Met on 4/29 (IRC log)
  • Current potential considerations seem to be WP API and media grid.
  • Press This is getting some attention from an early stages working group, which could also be a part of the 4.0 release.
  • Admin Help is poised to shift into more of a continuous testing and advisory group, which is awesome.
  • Front-end editor is making good progress, but has UX issues that are getting worked on, needs iteration and experimentation and probably won’t be ready by 4.0, but should continuously be worked on, as is the goal of features as plugins in the first place. Developers needed.

Potential ideas and their suggesters:

Summary: we have good things in mind about more media improvements, more editing experience improvements, more visual media grid and better plugin installer experience (following in the footsteps of themes), and behind the scenes wins in taxonomy, multisite, and post type and comment APIs.

If you’re interested in any of the above or have other ideas, please sound off in the comments.

Getting involved

  • We are always looking for more people to be involved with Trac gardening, patch review, patch writing, or some combination thereof.
  • Component pages are running well, and most could still use the caretaking of a component owner or somebody who’d like to become well-versed in a particular area of core. To get started, just sign up for component notifications at No need to be an expert now – learning and persistence is more important.To help with a specific plugin, join their weekly chats and/or follow along wherever they post. See the Features as Plugins page for more information.
  • A reminder from @matt to always be dogfooding the product – use WordPress every day.

Bonus punnage, to the lead’s chagrin:

wonderboymusic will make a t-shirt for anyone who gets all 16 of those Cache tickets closed 🙂
> sams: “Cache Master”?
> wonderboymusic: Johnny Cache
> jorbin: If you fix the Cache, you’ll get the Credit. That Checks out.
> MarkJaquith: I’d put in a cache pun, but I don’t want to be sent to purgetory.
> johnbillion: You would have to be a cache machine to fix all 16

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