Last Week in WordPress Core

Hello there! This is Last Week in WordPress Core for the week of April 8-April 14. Similar to last week, commits are included up to RC2, which was released today. In addition, maintenance releases 3.8.3 and 3.7.3 are available, and automatic updates are rolling out.


  • Widgets: Properly handle widget settings when activating a previewed theme. [28124] #27767
  • Widgets: Account for a sidebar with no container to which classes can be added. [28100] #27780
  • Custom Headers: Fix image ordering. [28102] #27791
  • Custom Headers: Fix cropping when working with large images. [28101] #27790
  • Add color scheme support for widget choosers. [28122] #27793

Theme Installer

  • Improve route handling and make ?theme= work. [28123] #27708
  • Revert to proxying through PHP for API requests to ensure we have valid installation nonces. [28126] #27798


  • Update TinyMCE to [28066] #27744
  • Update TinyMCE paste plugin to the latest development version. Improves Pasting from Word to remove inline comments and change tracking. [28089] #27771
  • Ensure vertical resizing and menubar show/hide are set to default for each TinyMCE instance. [28059] #27724
  • Stabilize MediaElement within TinyMCE, and avoid adding undo steps when the body of a wpView changes. [28084] #27389
  • Improve fallback compatibility for wpViews with IE7 and 8. [28062] [28063] #27546


  • In the Image Details modal, remember the last state of the advanced toggle. [28125] #27366
  • Add hooks for wpeditimage TinyMCE plugin and Image Details modal. Includes, which is intended to be a global media event bus. [28095] #27698
  • Apply new add_image_size() cropping preferences to all sizes when image is saved in editor. [28072] #19393
  • Fix tabbing out of the title field on Media->Edit Media screen. [28069] [28070] #27750


  • Updates: Add a TTL to core update checks to allow us to narrow the 12-hour update window. [28129] #27772
  • User Query: Don’t blindly re-append new meta queries for capabilities. [28087] #21119
  • Avoid stomping of bulk postdata inside the bulk_edit_posts() loop. Reverts [27990], which did not fix it for authors and comment/ping status. [28113] #27792
  • RTL fixes for Login screen ([28096] #27784), Themes screen ([28104] #27779), TinyMCE ([28094] #27773), and feature pointers ([28107] #27778).


For the complete list of commits to trunk, check out the log on Trac. Release is scheduled for this Wednesday, so, the best way to help is to test! Please let us know if you run into problems in the Alpha/Beta forums or on trac.

Thanks to @azaozz, @dd32, @DrewAPicture, @ehg, @GaryJ, @gcorne, @helen, @jesin, @johnbillion, @kerikae, @kpdesign, @mattheu, @matveb, @melchoyce, @morganestes, @nacin, @ocean90, @Otto42, @pavelevap, @redsweater, @ryelle, @scottlee, @SergeyBiryukov, @siobhan, @westonruter, @wonderboymusic, and @yoavf for their help this week!

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