WordPress 3.8.1 Release Candidate

Greetings! WordPress 3.8.1 RC1 is now available for final testing. Here’s a zip, or you can set the WordPress Beta Tester plugin to “point release nightlies.” (Trunk, which is 3.9-alpha, also has all of these fixes.)

We hope to get this released to you as early as tomorrow, January 23. Once 3.8.1 is released, we’ll wait a few hours before turning on automatic background updates, which will then be gradually rolled out over about a day.

It’s been nearly six weeks since 3.8, which has seen more than 9 million downloads. It’s now time to kick 3.8.1 out the door, especially since we’re now ramping up WordPress 3.9 development.

Feel free to leave here any questions or comments about 3.8.1 in general, though if you have found a bug in WordPress, please report them on Trac.

Below is a complete changelog. Each section is roughly ordered by priority. Also on Trac, you can also find the full changelog, a diff of the changes, and the list of 3.8.1 tickets.

Embedding tweets:

  • Switch Twitter oEmbed to SSL due to a Twitter API change that broke embedding across all WordPress sites. [26969], #26844.

WP_Query fixes:

  • Fix category handling in pre_get_posts when pretty permalinks are in use; fix handling of taxonomy queries in get_queried_object(). [26946], #26627, #26634.
  • Avoid a fatal error in wp_reset_postdata() if $wp_query global is not set. (Also affected 3.7.) [26951], #26775.

Themes screen fixes and improvements:

Fixes for the new dashboard design:

  • Fix the “dead zone” on submit buttons, so they actually click. [26998], #26700Chrome bug.
  • Prevent the admin color scheme from previewing when editing another user. [26937], #26607.
  • Update the styles for the media modal when used on the frontend. [26992], #26677.
  • Add a contrasting border to admin feature pointers. [26970], #26689.
  • Update Dashicons to latest. (The Updates icon now points in the right direction.) [26965], #26518.
  • OCD alignment updates on the Updates screen. [26938], #26699.

Responsive admin fixes:

  • Prevent widget controls from going off the screen when editing extra-wide widgets on small devices. [26964], #26701.
  • When moderating comments, make sure the comment author is always visible. [26961], #26618.
  • Responsive improvements to submenus in the toolbar. [27009], #26720.
  • Improve keyboard accessibility for the admin menu when in responsive mode. [27010], #26639.
  • Prevent the toolbar from wrapping to a second line on narrow screen (multisite only). [26949], #26537.

The new dashboard widgets:

  • Quick Draft widget: Don’t ignore default comment status and ping status. [26960], #26722.
  • At a Glance widget: Don’t link to Pages or Posts for Authors or Contributors (respectively). [27001], #26574.
  • Quick Draft widget: Break long words in Quick Draft content to prevent overflow. [26948], #26658.


  • Media: Fix directory permissions for new media upload directories. [26927], #26781.
  • RTL: Force LTR direction for code inputs. [26954], #26666.
  • RTL: Make sure half-stars in star ratings are filled on the correct side. [26953], #26814.