Possible tasks for WP 3.9

During last week’s dev chat, we decided on a schedule. We also chatted about a major focus in 3.9 on improving workflow for new and current contributors alike. If there are further suggestions on changes we can make to workflow to make core easier to contribute to, let us know.

Below is a rundown of what features/enhancements/ideas were discussed as possible for 3.9, including potential volunteers to take point on different tasks. This is all tentative. Thanks @DH-Shredder for compiling this.

In today’s chat, let’s continue to build this out. If you have something you’d love to work on during the release, join us!


There are two widget-related feature plugins to review: Better Widgets and Widget Customizer. Decisions on what we’re merging should come by next week, per the schedule. Expect a post from @shaunandrews soon explaining both and requesting help reviewing them.

TinyMCE improvements (@azaozz, @gcorne, @lgladdy)

  • TinyMCE 4 inclusion and troubleshooting
  • Improving editing/positioning images after insertion into the editor

Editor-related media improvements

  • Bringing the image editor into the media manager (@melchoyce, @johnbillion)
  • Allow a user to drop an item for upload on the post screen. This would then open the media modal (as an initial first step).

A better themes experience, part 2 (@matveb)

  • Taking our new experience to the theme installer (this may be started as a plugin)
  • Supporting multiple screenshots, left out of 3.8
  • Backbone routing and subview backend improvements

Improved audio/video support (@wonderboymusic) (see this post)

  • Playlists, subtitles, metadata generation
  • Media manager documentation

JavaScript and CSS

  • wp-admin.css split (@jorbin, @helen) (see this post)
  • Merging colors.css into other CSS files (@helen)
  • Grunt tool for patches (@jorbin)
  • Inline JS documentation using JSDoc (@jorbin)